Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Review of the Anthropologie BHLDN Wedding Collection

Hello everyone! I'm pretty sure every single wedding blog out there reviewed the new bridal collection from Anthropologie, BHLDN. The collection took me a while to really look at and I felt like to form an honest opinion, I needed to take the day and let it soak in.

And it has!

My verdict? It's a definite hit, with a few misses.

Overall, I'm in love. The textures alone in the gowns and dresses are stunning. I love that they played with that. The vintage details that have been added to the dresses truly give the "out-of-grandma's-attic" feel, albeit, for a hefty price. Yes, these gowns are GORGEOUS, but as with anything from Anthropologie, very expensive. I think that might be the collection's biggest downfall. I, of course, didn't expect this collection to be super affordable, but I also wasn't expecting the price tags currently attached to the dresses and accessories. Two of the weddings gowns offered are $600, a few at $1,000 and the rest can go up to $4,000, which isn't bad. However, the bridesmaids/special occasion gowns start at $200, most average $350, and some go up to over $1,000. Unless you're having a platinum wedding, I don't think the majority of these dresses are affordable for most bridesmaids, sadly. I also wasn't fond of the bubble-hemmed dresses, which seemed outdated (and not in a classy vintage way!) The accessories, I thought, were priced most outrageously, unfortunately. I found the jewelry pieces, especially, to be way, way overpriced, even for Anthropologie. A lot of the jewelry pieces seemed very simple and not quite as unique considering the price tag. I feel like the brand really took advantage of the "bridal" association with these pieces and really jacked up the prices. However, some of the cover-ups and shoes I thought were decently priced and well worth the cost.

Overall, a stunningly beautiful collection that I adore. I really do. I hope that over time, they continue to develop this collection to include more styles at accessible price points for the average bride and her bridesmaids.

So, without further ado, here are my favorites from the collection!












Can anyone guess my favorite piece from the collection? No? Well, here it is:

Gah! It's simply amazing. I'm smitten with this dress. I would love to wear this with amazing shoes and bright red lips.

A close second is this dress:

I think I've managed to pick out two of the more expensive pieces from this collection. I adore this one as well, and ditto with the bright red lip :)

So there you have it! My review of the new Anthropologie BHLDN collection. Be sure to visit the website for the full line (I only posted my favorites).


Genevieve said...

Your favorite is my favorite too. I would have loved a reception dress that looked like that! Why didn't this come out two years ago?!

I can't believe the way my facebook feed has lit up with people talking about BHLDN and David's Bridal's Vera Wang White!

matrimony said...

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Dana said...

It's confirmed: we have the same taste. Those were my favorites in the same order as well.

Anonymous said...

I bought a bridal shower gift from BHLDN through the brides registry. First of all, I was informed that the item was backordered for over 2 months. However, my greatest problem most recently is that my credit card was billed again for the same item. It took a couple of calls, speaking to different people at customer service before the last one saw what happened. The gift the bride received was defective so she called them and they sent out another one, instructing her to send the defective one back to them. When they didn't receive it, they billed MY credit card even though I had no knowledge that this even happened and certainly had no control over if and when the bride made the return. When I complained to the rep, she said it's their policy to do this. They didn't even send me any type of notification to let me know that this was happening.

Cassandrafg said...

For those who want to buy a dress at BHLDN

Watch out!! And dont expect to receive your dress!

This is the most irresponsible store I have ever bought in internet.
I order a dress over a month ago and not only they sent to the wrong address, but now they resent another one (it took them two weeks) and I have not received it yet. I had to call the store over 5 times and sent around 10 e-mails and still nobody seems to care about my problem over there.
They are very fast to charge (which they have charged both the dress they sent to the wrong address and the second one they sent plus shipping) but they do care at all about the problems they cause to their customers.

Unknown said...

I loved the store and the sale women but was so unhappy when I realized they put a 5,000 hold on my bank account for a 2.400 purchase. When I called to ask why they had put a 2,500 hold on my account on top of the 2,400 I had ordered they acted like I was dumb.they said it's our policy when items are shipped differently to place a hold to insure we get the money (the belt cost (198.00) why r u putting a 2,500 hold on my account for an item that cost less then 200.00. The lady cld of cared less, said it our policy. Sorry you weren't told. I got to email confirmation from them about my orders not one stating anything about an additional 2,500 hold. I asked of they have had complaints in the past and she said yes and that there was nothing she cld do. I was in awe with how bad their customer service was. I wld highly recommend never ordering anything online from them

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