Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updates, happenings and feelings

Hola, everyone! We've been back from Mexico fora little over a week, just in time for the awesome blizzard we had in Chicago here a few days ago. How fun!

I just wanted to update you all on some thing we've been doing here at The Owl and at SH Weddings. In January, we started a YouTube channel as a more interactive way to reach out to our readers and audience. We've had a BLAST creating these videos for you, and we hope that you find them useful. Rather than inspiration, the channel is more devoted to wedding planning and coordination topics, so we want to hear what you have to say. Do you have anything you want us to talk about? Leave us a comment and let us know! We'll be happy to make a video and address it. Seriously.

Secondly, I'm sure you've noticed we haven't been updating The Owl as regularly as we had planned. And since I was bitten by the feelings bug this morning, I'm going to be honest with you all. It's a LOT more work than I anticipated. I still adore this blog and will keep updating and discovering new photographers to share with you, but I've come to the conclusion that I will probably not be able to add new posts every day. My new goal is three posts per week of real weddings and fashion inspiration. Y'all, it's REALLY tough putting a single blog entry together that's loaded with beautiful photos! It really is quite the process, and I didn't realize that when I started. I'm ashamed to be admitting this, honestly. Please keep in mind that many of the popular wedding blogs out there - namely, Style Me Pretty - is the editor's only job. Because my main priority will always be my clients at SH Weddings, I really need to devote the majority of my time to that.

And as I've recently found, creating YouTube videos is actually a less time-consuming process (I swear!), and I feel it's also something that many other wedding professionals aren't utilizing, so right now, I'm really enjoying that a lot.

In the meantime, over the next year (grand scale, people!), The Elegant Owl might be changing names to correlate more with SH Weddings. I'm not yet sure what that means, but let me explain. When I started this blog, I didn't know if I would be starting a business right away. My main goal was to dabble into wedding blogging first, and take it from there. But shortly after I built this page, SH Weddings was born, and I never really had time to redesign them both to go together, which is what I would ultimately prefer. This blog will always remain edited and run by us, but the name may change in the future. To what extent, we shall see! That's pretty far into the future, though.

So there you have it! This was a bit longer of a ramble than I was anticipating, but I would rather keep you all in the loop than in the dark. I hope you don't hate me and you continue to be inspired by what we post. We do really try to find inspiration that's easily accessible to the average bride, but that is also very, truly unique. We don't aim to ever be a Style Me Pretty - we just aim to stay true to ourselves :)

We love you all, and we are always thanking you for your continued support. We truly are.


Us Little Owls

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Are you tweeting? Tweeting is nice because it's sort of like microblogging and you can add a Twitter widget right on to your blog.

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