Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Holidays From The Owls!

Hello little owls!

Posting has been slow this month, and that's because I've been really focusing on developing some things at SH Weddings, as well as enjoying the holiday season with Mr. Owl. We LOVE Christmas. Every year, we try to watch all our favorite holiday movies, drink lots of cocoa, bake lots of cookies, send out holiday cards, do lots of DIY decor projects and spend time with friends and family. That takes a lot out of you!

Starting December 16 (this Thursday!) I'll be taking an extended vacation with my mom and sister in New York. I'm so excited! I'll be bringing all my work with me, so you may see a few posts every now and then on my other blog, The Nesting Owl, since most of my time will be dedicated to family, baking, decor, snow activities, etc., and not as much wedding goodness.

Recently, I posted some photos of our Christmas gifts this year to hopefully inspire you to get creative with your wrapping this year (and, well, every year, really). Here's a sneak peek:


We're wishing you all a very happy, healthy holiday season, filled with love, laughter and of course, creativity!

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