Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gifting the Girls: Hand-Crafted Necklaces by Nakamol

So, earlier this week we featured some pretty nifty cufflinks that would make great gifts for the guys in your wedding party. But what about the girls? Today we're featuring some beautifully crafted, handmade necklaces by jewelry designer Nakamol. This Chicago-based jewelry designer's pieces can be found in over 1,000 boutiques worldwide, and she has an amazing ability to combine an ethereal aesthetic with modern day fashion. Each of the below necklaces are $68 or under, so for a great price, you're able to gift your girls with a meaningful piece they could easily incorporate into their every day wardrobe. Let's take a looksie, shall we?

My personal favorite, the Tree of Life necklace:

Source for each necklace: Orange & Red, Light Pink, Green, Light and Dark Pink, Grey

Nakamol's Tear Drop-Shaped Necklace:

Source for each necklace: Purple and Light Blue, Green, Purple and Pink, Multi-Color

More of Nakamol's Circle Necklaces:

Source for each necklace: Gold, Light and Dark Pink, Turquoise, Light Green

Sources for each necklace: Gold, Light Pink, Multi-Color, Light and Dark Pink

Be sure to visit Nakamol's site to find your girls some truly unique pieces, or to shop for yourself! This owl will admit that she is the proud owner of a Tree of Life necklace, and is in absolute love.

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